Two Kodi Questions (Misfit Mods Lite)

Hello all. I am currently using Kodi with the Misfit Mods Lite build. I have the following two questions:

  1. While watching Kodi, I will sometimes hit the Home button on my remote. Once I go back into Kodi, the app restarts. I am forced to find the stream I was watching and fast forward to where I left off. Is there a way I can leave Kodi app then re-enter it where I left off?

  2. How do I link my Trakt account to Kodi/Misfit mods? Can I set up one per profile?


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I am not familiar with Misfits Mod Build however within the Build you will have Addons. You need to go into the settings of each individual Addon within the Build that you want to sync Trakt to. There will be a Authorize Trakt section and when you select that it will Flash a Code on your device. You then use a phone, ipad, etc… and log into your trakt account and get to the authorize Trakt device page on your phone and type in the code you are seeing on your firestick, box, et…and your Trakt Account will be synced to that Addon

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