Twilight Kodi Addon and Xenon Build

Installed xenon. Now when I enter Kodi, that is all I see. Is there a way to get back to Twilight or remove xenon completely?

To get rid of the Xenon build, go to apps and under Kodi, clear data. This will remove the build and return Kodi to it’s original installed state. I don’t know if the Twilight addon would still be there. Most likely not, since you have cleared the data. Just merely reinstall the addon.


No way to run Twilight with xenon?

I don’t know it if there is. I don’t use builds. I just install a couple addons. I have the Crew, Dradis, and Homelander. I integrate Real-Debrid with them and have no problems finding whatever I want to watch. I don’t use builds because I found that in a build I only ever used an addon or two and the rest was just taking up valuable free space.