TVZion APK Shutdown - Alternatives Here

Originally published at: TVZion APK Shutdown - Alternatives Here

TVZion has officially shut down. Here is what we know so far and you will find a link below for the best TVZion alternatives. In last week’s TROYPOINT Advisor, we informed subscribers of the following information regarding this popular application. One of the best streaming apps that we’ve recommended in the past is TVZion. Several…

TVZion had the ability to download movies and series. Are there any apps that do the same?

Yes, you can download in most of them. I believe that Cinema and Cyberflix have this ability. Cyberflix working great with no ads right now when pairing that with Real-Debrid.

Another download question. Film Plus has a download feature, but the Advanced Download Manager that it tries to use is not compatible with my device version. Is there a way to get a compatible version? Also, Cyberflix only downloads a correctly or at all quarter of the time.

Hello @karl1992 I’m not sure about how you could integrate a new download manager. I personally just use the torrent sites when downloading. Less hassle and better quality.

Never used torrent sites, how do I do that with Film Plus?

Or do I have that wrong…is a torrent download unrelated to Film Plus?

@karl1992 yes it is unrelated. Here is our Torrent tutorial - Ultimate Torrent Guide (SUBSCRIBERS ONLY) - TROYPOINT: Tech Tutorials On Firestick, Android TV Box, VPN, IPTV, Streaming, & More I then drop the media files on my Plex Media Server so I can stream the movies and TV shows anywhere - Plex Media Server Setup Guide for 2021 - A Beginners Guide