Tv zion sound problems

sound problems using TV zion

can anyone tell me if they have had any problems with tv zion loss of sound on streams. thanks jimmy

Nothing to do with Zion, it’d be the player you use. Which one do you use? Always use Zion and no sound trouble on my end. I’d use Kodi based fork like SPMC or EUMC. VLC good too.

Not at all trying to be sarcastic in any way but have you tried turning up the volume once your “selection” starts playing? We were just watching and I have no idea why but when the movie started it turned our soundbar down.

Again not trying to be sarcastic but did see the same issue as you experienced. Hopefully your fix will be as easy as mine was.

thanks for your help, volume was up, also tried mx and vlc, went back to zion and it corrected itself, must have just been a glitch on my end. again thanks for the responses. Jimmy.