TV Volume - Cinema

The volume of tv programs and movies is barely audible with Cinema. I have tried all of the audio settings on my FireTV as well as all the settings on my tv and have power cycled a few times. Interestingly, the Cinema ads are VERY loud. Is the volume problem with programs intentional with the free version so that we will subscribe to the paid version??

What video player were you using when having audio issues? This may not be relevant to your particular problem, but I’ve noticed varying audio levels across the APKs I use. I toyed with video players using the same movie and noticed a distinct reduction in audio when using MX player. Cinema, Cyberflix, Titanium all generate higher volume when I use their built-in players. Morph and Streamio also play louder via their players. I pay close attention to volume because I have significant hearing loss. I actually prefer using MX player but stopped using it because of the volume reduction. I decided to install VLC for comparison and it also generated better volume than MX player.


I personally like VLC too.

Thank you! That solved the problem.