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Firstly apologies as I’m a new member here. Recently @sim_bill mentioned that he had been using TV Launcher 3 for a number of years. I can’t seem to find a way to make it load on startup.

I was using Wolf from the Troypoint site but it stopped loading. I tried re-enabling it through the Launch Manager but it was only showing the Android TV standard launcher. I naturally uninstalled and reinstalled it without any change. I am using a Mecool KM2 but can not stand the standard launcher.


Sorry you haven’t been able to access TVLauncher 3. If you haven’t already, try to uninstall the Wolf launcher, then make sure you have enabled the App Store from which you loaded tv launcher 3 in your app security settings. Then go into your settings and enable TV Launcher 3 as your default Home Screen launcher rather then the standard launcher. Hope this helps. - Bill


Hi @sim_bill ,

Thanks for coming back to me.

I’m using a Mecool KM2, I’m not very good with Android.

If. Click the play store and search TV Launcher it shows as installed. I have previously uninstalled Wolf and the Launcher. I’ve found Home in the settings but it only allows me to change the settings of the default launcher. I can not find any reference to the default app nor the default launcher.

Could it be that this device does not have this option for a default launcher?



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No launcher option could be a possibility on the MeCool box. I had one several years ago and like you, did not care for the installed launcher. As I recall, the initial set up of these MeCool boxes has a launcher section to go through and that may limit you to their launcher. Try going into settings and see if there is anything as far as a Home Screen or display setting that would give you an option to change the launcher. If not and you really hate the launcher, there are other boxes other than MeCool you could look at. I recommend looking at the video reviews for android tv boxes on TV Box Stop and Chigz Reviews as they are quite informative.

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I have the Wolf Launcher and Launch Manager working successfully on a MECOOL KM7 box. They were downloaded from TP RAI and installed with no problem. It would be worth checking if you have the right version of Launch Manager - there are different ones for Firestick and Android TV

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