TV Bro vs JioPages

I have been watching and studying Troypoint articles and videos on both of these apps. I do not understand the value of either one or if they do the same things. Why would a simple streamer want them?

You might not really need either. Downloader does most sideloading that simple cord cutters would need. These other browsers just have more features. Some members use free streaming sites too, and these would be better for something like that.

You just need one browser be it Downloader, TV Bro, Jio Pages, or any of the others out there. Just pick one you like and works best with your device.

I have tried them all and just have Downloader and TV Bro. Jio never did work great for me. Downloader is what most of the YouTuber tech guys always use and they normally have numeric codes (shorteners) you can type in instead of a much longer URL.

I don’t use any browser just to surf the net. I use it for the direct purpose of finding an apk that I want to download that is not available in the stores.

Btw, Firefox is one that many will use.

Thanks, very helpful.
Firefox is my browser of choice on my phone and windows laptop. Do you use it on your media player? Mine is the 2017 nvidia shield tv.

I have in the past, but I pretty much use TV Bro. Although, like I said, I don’t use a browser on my device for surfing the net. If you are inclined to surf on your device. Then I would suggest using Firefox and a vpn extension, such as SS.

Again, thank you. I appreciate your thoughts.

Hello @jorom there are hundreds of free streaming sites on the Internet. This is main reason why people would want to use a browser on a streaming device.

Here are a few.

Many of the free movie and streaming apps actually pull content directly from sites like these anyway. You can get the same through a browser.

Be sure to turn on Clean Web withing Surfshark to block the ads though.

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Oh, now I get it. Thanks.

An example of needing a second browser: I dont have a tv provider, only internet. I have set up jiopages browser with USNewsON short cut to the homescreen so my wife (a real news junkie) has access to Fox, msnbc,cnn & OAN. Its a simple link for her…I still use downloader for everything, but jiopages seemed to be the most solid browser for streaming vs. TV Bro et.all. used tvbro for about a yr before “discovering” JipPages

I like what you described. I recently convinced my wife to cut our cable and install YouTube TV… a big step! I would like to do what you are doing, but I will have to wait on that one for a bit.

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I agree, but I don’t use a browser for much of anything, but if you are into surfing or streaming off the net. Then a good compatible browser is the way to go. Firefox checks these boxes. Using an app to ad block or if your VPN offers such as SS does. Then make sure you use one otherwise, the web streams can get very annoying.

Personally, I never did like using much of the web streams. USTVGO was a pretty good one before they got taken down. There are others for sure, but I prefer using an iptv or a dedicated app for much better results.

If I really did need to web stream. Then I could always stream it from my laptop using my browser and cast it to my TV.

To each their own…

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What Ive discovered since following this forum is the choices are unlimited, always changing/improving, and thanks to @TROYPOINTINSIDER1 the answer to any question is just a click away.

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I currently stream videos through Kodi. I never thought about casting to my TV… interesting.

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Has JioPages been pulled from the Play Store as I can’t find it?

How to Install the Best Browser for Android TV / Google TV (

Yeah, I tried that but JioPages isn’t showing in the Play Store on my MeCool KM2 Plus

not missing much. Jio was good at first then went downhill real fast.

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Even Troy’s video on that page doesn’t help? The one he says to watch if it doesn’t show up at first?

I hardly ever use a browser on my streaming device, but when I do I use the Silk browser. You can find an APK to download if you don’t have an Amazon device with it already installed.


I agree with Jayhawks and Silk is good even on android and its what I use with opera. But to be honest if you use a browser a lot Puffin(paid version) pretty much blows the other browsers out of the water in benchmarks. (Silk not included in benchmarks).
Best Web Browser for Android TV: Tested [2023 Update]