TV Box with 3.5 Sound output?

Looking for a tv box that has a sound output. I want to connect it to an hdmi monitor that doesnt have sound, so I want to be able to have a 3.5 mm output or rca. that I can send to my external speakers.

Thanks for any advice.


Hi. Perhaps you already knew about this manual from TP explaining about android tv boxes.

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Many boxes on the market have a 3.5mm pin but you have to look around. I have a mecool km2 that has what you are looking for.

On the cheaper side there are boxes like this that I believe have it… Android TV Box 11.0 2022 Android TV Box 4GB RAM 32GB ROM RK3318 Quad-Core Cortex-A53 CPU Mali-450 5-Core GPU, 4K Ultra HD USB 3.0 Bluetooth 4.0 2.4G/5G WiFi 100M Ethernet Smart TV Box : Electronics


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