Turewell T9/ Android box

Has anyone had experience with the Turewell T9? I saw it listed with “good reviews” but have never seen it mentioned here. Most of the tv boxes I’m seeing online and have heard mentioned on the forums have such mixed reviews. Thanks!

I have 2 T95Z Plus Boxes and one of them is Turwell. There are several manufacturers often several different spec’s and they contantly change. I bought this one back in 2020 and have had zero issues with KODI, Tivimate, and plenty of other Apps. Just make sure you are getting the Spec’s (RAM, Storage, Wired Speed 100 vs 1,000, inputs, etc…) you want and there’s some decent reviews. As you can see the one I purchased is not available anymore but plenty of other options out there


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Hello one thing you need to concern yourself wiyh is heat, these boxes get hot. @MarkxG review was good, and they do work well, but i find they dont disburse heat properly. I have a case fan hooked up with holes drilled into the bottom, that works wonders.

Not everyone has these heat issues but alot of these boxes do.


Exactly. I have found these generic android boxes often have good specs but are woefully short on ventilation and heat management. I had one I really liked a lot but the heat fried it after 4 months. I decided to do an “autopsy” and opened the box up. Sure enough, there was a heat sink barely big enough to cover the processor and since there were no cooling vents on the sides or the top, the bottom vents were inadequate to cool it. One way to get around this and save your device is to CAREFULLY drill a few holes in the bottom of your box, then place a usb cooling fan with an on/off switch under the box. This forced ventilation will prolong the life of your device.


Hmmmm I have one of these from 2018 and one from 2020, rarely if ever turn them off. Have not altered by drilling holes or anything and have not experienced any heat issues whatsoever. My T95Z Plus Boxes are from 2 different Manufacturers as well (Turwell and Sunvell) but I guess from seeing some other comments YMMV

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Thanks for the input! I saw a few of y’alls pics where you had placed your own fans on the boxes. Very savvy! I also realized after posting that the T95 has many makers. I’ve been looking at amazon and elsewhere as well as on the forums, and it’s funny how mixed some of the reviews are. I’m that guy with the kinda luck that seems to run down hill both ways! I know a lot of the generic boxes we are speaking of run stock android. Have any of y’all noticed a lack in picture quality?

Not claiming to be an expert here on the tech but am not sure how stock android could affect picture quality? But NO, to answer your question on my T95Z Plus Boxes I’m getting clear streams on IPTV via Tivimate and crystal clear 4K Streams (where available) with Real Debrid on KODI Movies and TV.

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Good! Yeah, I am definitely not an expert either. On some of what I’ve read online and in the forum it feels like I’m reading a foreign language. I’m not a tech person (though I really want to learn!). I know there is a lot of talk about difference between boxes running android tv and stock android, Troy has talked about it. Although, I may have some information crossed (apologies). I’ve done so much reading the last couple days on cord cutting that things are running together!

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