Tubi TV keeps losing some categories

At least twice per week - sometimes three times - I open up Tubi TV and find that the categories ‘My List’ and ‘Continue Watching’ have disappeared - when I search for the content that was in them, it has all disappeared too.

It’s not a major problem as they magically re-appear the next day, but it is frustrating. Does anyone else experience this - and, if so, is there a fix for it?


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I have tubi my self and haven’t seen this issue.

But what I think is happening is if you clean your app data all the info stored gets cleanred and your lose your list when you sign back in.

Other than that could be a weird glitch.

Thanks for the response. I maybe should have have said that I’ve never cleared the data - for fear that I would lose the list permanently and have to re-create it - but if that did happen, it surely wouldn’t all appear again the next day?

I guess that I may just have to learn to live with the weird glitch as I admit to liking Tubi - it’s my go to apk for older TV shows, and I never have any of the buffering or missing link problems that happen with other apks. :+1:

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