Tubi TV for android box

I wanted to add TubiTV app to my android box but it said it wont work on my device. Is there a apk link for downloader so I may be able to get it or maybe another way?


This is the site I went to . I went to the google App Store on my device and got the message that it’s not compatible with my device. So is there another way to get it?

You know what version works on android? I looked up a bunch of older versions.

All of them? I just installed just fine on my Onn box from Google Play store. What Device/Version of Android are you using?

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I’m using a Formuler Z8 and the google store doesn’t have the app but found it using a browser . But they had numerous versions .

I’m honestly not sure. I thought Tubi would install on literally everything. Not sure what Android version a z8 runs, maybe that has something to do with it? Maybe you need a different version of Tubi app?

z8 was Android 7. I haven’t a clue if you’ve updated, but if not then try these variants for Android 7.

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often an apps elligibility in the playstore is due to the remote functions on the box…I guess google figures we dont know how to hook up other remotes :crazy_face:

Thanks for all the answers for this. I got it to work fine with the 2 versions mentioned in the chat. 25.1 I think .
Have a good one everyone

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I have experienced trouble with Tubi getting that same msg when not placed in Trusted apps (Split Tunnel) on VPN. Once you split tunnel to Trusted App, Tubi works great with latest version.

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That’s great. 25.1 is the slightly older version, but as long as it works I’m happy for ya. Enjoy.

Onn Box in for the win