Trying to sideload Cinema APK

I know this will sound like a stupid question. Trying to use downloader app.
I type in the necessary address. When I do that it comes up with a page to download the APK.
I need to scroll down to get to the link and I am unable to do that - it will only let me scroll down on the left side of the screen - I need to be able to scroll down in the main body of the page. I can get a curser in that body but can not scroll down with that. I know this may be a simple task - but I am at a loss on what to do.
I am using the A95XMAX android box and remote. I appreciate you time and input,

Hi, could you use Mouse Toggle for better mobility around screen etc. Or to sideload. I use Apps2Fire and sideload apps from my mobile. Learnt those workarounds and hints via Troypoint and they have been a Godsend.

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Is mouse toggle a program that must be loaded and from where? Or is it something I can access on my remote?

Install the Android TV Remote on your phone. That may give you the better control.

You can get mouse Toggle from any store. I have experienced similar issues fro time to time. Here was my solution. Use mouse toggle to get to the area you want to scroll. Then turn off mouse toggle and scroll. Yeah, it’s weird, but so is the net!

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