Trying to replace Firecubes

Amazon p’d me off when they disabled ADB and some of my apps recently. So I picked up an Onn and a Chromecast device to see how they compared. It’s pretty ugly. The Onn is very slow and does not pair properly with my Q45 bluetooth headphones. The sound cuts in and out. The Onn also doesn’t recognize half the key strokes on my bluetooth keypad. I can live with the keypad. The headphone problem is a deal breaker. So on to the Chromecast device.

The Chromecast device bluetooth sound also cuts out on my Q45’s and it doesn’t recognize the majority of the keys on my bluetooth keypad. It also doesn’t play nice with Netflix. I can’t properly exit the app I have to go home then into the system apps and force quit Netflix. I think the worst thing I’ve come across is the volume controls are on the side of the remote and the remote is so small I’m constantly accidentally hitting one of the volume keys when I’m hitting the keys on top of the remote casing some really weird things to happen.

Has anyone encountered any of these issues and were you able to fix them? If so how? If not any suggestions on the next couple to try? I don’t know if the rumors about Amazon forcing OS upgrades and killing side loading but I feel like something bad is coming. Id rather change hardware now than when the whole world is out trying to buy these devices and they become scarce and pricey.

Last comment. I searched for all of this. If it’s your intention to post a link and chastise me for not searching please don’t. I searched. Instead share with me your search techniques so I can get good search results like you do. Please. It would be a huge help.

adb removal didnt cause a lot of problems think you may have jumped to soon

Check this one out: RockTek
A tad more than the Cube but less than a Shield. Very Speccy and I can attest they work great. Its the Sweetest of Spots for my IPTV needs, but of course, YMMV. Good Luck with your quest!


Thanks. Looks promising. I like the larger capacity so I don’t have to use adapters and flash drives. Thanks again!

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All Credit to @ TXRon as he is the one who mentioned this unit in a previous post. :clap:

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If these devices play through a TV set wouldn’t we connect the bluetooth to the TV to listen, not the devices?

Yeah your problems are not all Amazon, keep using the Cube and research the issue and you might find an answer. Still a great device.