Trying to find Kodi build that opens with "Wide World of Sports"

I installed a Kodi build that has an opening screen showing “Wide World of Sports”. I want to install the build on another tv but I can’t find any Kodi URL that has this download name. Any idea what build I have installed that would open to the "Wide World of Sports screen?


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There is plenty of builds and single addons that have sports.

I’d check out my guide topic on kodi with all addons and builds.

The crew as alot.

That would be the Doomzday Sports 101 build. The best build IMHO evah. :sunglasses:


Wow! Thanks so much for the fast response. I really appreciate your providing with the Doomzday Sports
Gary Sanders

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Thanks for your follow-up! I just received the Doomsday Sports 101 Build download info.