Trying to find an app

Anybody recognize what “channel” or app this is? I found it yesterday in the diggz repository and now I can’t find it again. This has Albanian TV.


Thanks, I guess I should have clarified that I was trying to see if anyone knew what this background was as I was trying to find the entire list of channels again. I did try to download the APK from two sources for Zjarr and it wasn’t working for me.


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Looks like maybe Fido.K19.Under live tv,live by language,has albanian tv.

Yes!!! Thank you!! Was going crazy!

Since you’re so resourceful, have you heard of an app called Cabal? When googling, it looks like it was in “Where The Monsters Live Repository” which is still out there but Cabal is gone.


Yes. It’s in apkpure. Go to their site and do a search. Looks like a stand alone app though. Looking for a cabal kodi addon I was unable to find a working repo with it in there. Sorry. All I got was a “no longer available”.

That looks like a gaming app? I am looking for Cabal that is by developer Wolfey B, this was the URL Index of /repo/ and it still exists but Cabal is no longer there. Thanks.