Troy's Deals - Don't Pay Full Price!


Thank you troy and team for these deals and hard work.


It’s nice to be able to go to one website and find sales on numerous devices and services . I actually just bought 3 - mecool km2 boxes from the mecool factory . They are giving a discount on the original km2 if you buy 2 or more boxes. I purchased 3 of them for a total of $207 including tax and free shipping . The factory is in China and it takes 2 weeks to get your order but you can get a better price. I’ve ordered direct plenty of times .

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Those are good prices. I bought my KM2 direct from MeCool and being in Mexico it took 6 weeks to get here at a cost of $115 CDN. It’s a good device but I still prefer my FireTV.

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I purchased my KM2 through NewEgg due to using BTC. Been great so far and is the everyday device on our living room tv

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