TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer Shut Down

I’m glad Troy and staff are back you have our support and what ever we can do I’m sure everyone is onboard. It’ll be better than ever I’m sure strea on :v::sunglasses:


Going foward all rai topics will be closed with this post as a soultion. Please read up on it. Again thank you everyone for the support and understanding


It’s a sad, sad day! Big Brother on the warpath and we the common citizen are in the crosshairs! This backward slide on our democracy is going to be the ruin of our Republic!! We can only hope and pray for a return to our GREAT democratic republic.
As with our great nation, TROYPOINT will overcome this tourney! I’m just a small contributor in this site but care deeply about its success and support it! I will be here and support it as long as I’m breathing!!!
I would also at this point like to thank all the mediators, staff and contributors of this site. This is the best place on earth for learning about streaming technology and advancements period! What took me over two years to gleam from the internet I found on in under an hour. AGAIN THANK YOU!!! - Therealsock


Become a patron and you will learn much much more. I got a nudge…just paying it forward…


That explains why I could not update the app this morning…


Troys disclaimers are probably enough by law. Maybe have a site protected by user name and password with a users endemity agreement so that if you agree to your membership you can only use the site for personal enjoyment.Then the feds or any private organization would need a court order to try and shut Troy down. No body is gonna try and stop Bezos, Google , Apple, Wallmart or any body that sells a streaming device like firestick. This is total BS.


I can post a great unlinked code if ok and wanted.


100% correct!!!

Hi mate, been seeing you around this website and I was wondering how I can dm you about iptv services but I can’t find where :joy:

Got me curious. What is the code.shoot me a message

If you click my avitar it will bring up a page with a “message” link. Click that and send me a pm. I look forward to helping you. Have a wonderful day.

thanks a lot man hard to find genuine people and services without getting bombarded with bots

Oh I understand fully. Were you able to receive my PM? You may have to wait for a day or two to PM me as the system has a “trust” level and once you reach a certain level the PM system becomes active. I hope I have this correct, it’s been a couple of years since I went through all of the "new " member stuff. The best advice I can give is to be patient. You will find your way. Welcome to the “insider” btw. Have a wonderful day.

hi mate, yes thanks i sent a reply maybe you just can’t recieve it as i’m new, I was just asking if you could reccomend your favourite paid iptv services, I am looking for one that has all USA and UK sports channels, and ideally ESPN+ events, as idk how it works since they’re not actual channels but I have used someone else’s with espn+ events and amazon prime live events, such as thursday night football. thanks a lot btw

You know what can you do Troy it’s better to be safe than sorry you don’t want to be made an example of.

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There is no freedom for Americans with the current government we have now. No: freedom of speech, no personal opinions allowed, Health choices are controlled, during COVID that was their time to destroy free enterprise, small businesses, scare people and make us feel they actually care. I’m 70 & lived thru times when we could speak out & it made a difference. SAD TIMES NOW


Is ACE a government entity? Anyway, I don’t think there is a political category in the Insider; and I’m glad there isn’t.

No ACE has no actual authority. They just take whatever information they have and approach law enforcement in other countries to take it down. Somewhere in some political foreign aid package, I’m sure there’s ACE mentioned and if you agree to work with them, you’ll get additional funding. ACE isn’t an arresting authority, they have no real power, just a bunch of wealthy companies butt hurt because the want more money