Troypoint on iphone

how can i get troypoint and kodi and other free movie streaming apps on my iphone xr i have them on my fire tv cube but would like them on my iphone as well so i can watch when i’m out and about thanks


Hi Phil. Here is a link from TP manual how to add kodi on iPhone and tables. If there anything else please let us know. :+1:

Most apps if they can be installed on iPhone will have a download link for it. I’ll use my favourite movie/tv series app Stremio as an example.
Go to the following link Stremio - All You Can Watch and when you scroll down you will see the iphone section. Now this app will tell you exactly which version to install without you doing anything. Any top apps will, or should, have a similiar function. Good luck and welcome to the insider.

thanks mate i will try that

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tryried that mate it says i need to download tweekbox but tweekbox has been taken down


Sorry to hear that I’m not really iphone user, but according to their website it can be downloaded from app store. You can give it try if you want.
Tweak Box

The iPhone appstore app for Stremio is Stremio Organizer. It will let you view movie and TV titles but you cant stream anything. Pretty worthless.

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What about the official stremio app from the link I posted and not any store? Does it work properly on iPhone? If not let me know so I can let the developer know.

Yep, the link you posted to Stemio has the Apple App store as the link for the iPhone.

Damn that’s disappointing. So it won’t install. Ok I’ll fire off a couple of txts. Thanks for getting back to me. I don’t have or use iPhone.

Yeah, I haven’t found any of theses apps for the iPhone, just android phones. There are a couple of kludges on the internet but way too involved for me!

Ya I found all sorts of info in the github but it involves json files and standing on your head while spinning and spitting wooden nickels. To involved for this old fart.