TROYPOINT Kodi 20 Fork Now Available in Toolbox

Is there a list of apps (not builds) that are currently incompatible w/v20? Would save some time installing and then have to uninstall if they don’t work (yet). Thanks for any info…

Kodi 20 Addons For Firestick/Android TV (Tested & Working) (

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Thank you! I guess I could have searched for that :wink:. Thanks again…

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Unfortunately I had Kodi 20 installed automatically since it is considered the latest release is considered stable by troypoint. It is far from stable, crashes, items won’t play, having me to force stop the Kodi app and retrying. Worst part is I can’t reinstall Kodi 19.-, the installation fails. I guess I can delete Kodi which means I’ll lose all my settings and reinstall or live with all the bugs and hope they get it all sorted out in a timely fashion.

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It’s considered stable from kodi not us. We relay the news. And yes its stable… Not everyone is having those issues i suggest doing a complete uninstall and reinstall or just use 19.4

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Not sure what device you are using and any storage constraints but you might want to try installing the 20 Fork from the Troypoint Toolbox. Did it last night to test it out on my android Box. Installed the 9Lives Addon , and authorised RD and Trakt. working Perfect on my end

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Has anyone been running Super Favourites with Kodi 20? Wondering if it is compatible before I try it on my Android box. Thanks in advance.

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Installed Troy’s fork today on my tcl tv , so simple, added the crew adding and I am very impressed


For those that use the TP Toolbox a lot and would like a more convenient way to access it. You can easily make a shortcut app using the TV App Repo.

I used this apk:

Download Tv App Repo latest 1.1.4-playstore Android APK (

Thanks Troy, this new release is working great. I was using 19.5 and was having a lot of veerrry slow response times. All good now, much appreciate your getting that up so quickly.

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When I use Seren in Kodi 20 I will get no playable stream. In my other Nvidia shield same exact setup Seren is working fine with Kodi 19.5 So I have come to the assumption that Seren is not compatible with Kodi 20. I read that it is compatible with Kodi 20 but from my testing I don’t think it is .Again like I said same exact setup I use AllDebrid in both setups. Anybody have any suggestions?

It works…

Make sure your real debrid is up-to-date.
Re authorize your account on the app/apk you are using
Delete your devices in real-debrids website and re add them
Make sure they are added in real debrid.

These steps are a must and will solve the issue 9 out of 10 times. Also check real debrids Twitter for status updates.

Seren works great on Kodi20, at least what I have tried. I use RD not AllDebrid, but should still work if Dracoo’s steps above were followed.

Trying to rebuild my box. I had to do a factory reset. Not using many apps, so it’s OK. Installed the Toobox but I can’t scroll down to see the contents. Any ideas? All I can see is the QR code page and it won’t scroll. Thanks
Figured it out

What browser are you using?..Oh you must have figured it out? lol