TROYPOINT Kodi 19.5 Fork Added to Toolbox


The TROYPOINT Kodi 19.5 Fork has been created and added to the TROYPOINT Toolbox.

If you haven’t used the tool box, here’s a tutorial for you.


Thank you, And to everyone els, it DOES work. It’s an updated version of kodis most stable 19 version. If you are going to use this, fresh install and add your addons.

Kodi is picky, a fresh install is always recommend. If you dont want to do that just stick with 19.4

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Thank you!
Keep them coming. I love more options for testing.

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I dl’d the 19.5 fork but after loading it up, it still says version 19.4 in the system readout

Do these forks take up less space than the “official” kodi install?

Yes. They are stripped down and you have to add your own addons.

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Hello, something wrong on your device or you are using the wrong Fork.

I just installed this on my Fire TV Stick 4K Max and this is what it shows.

I have 19.4 fork and 19.5 fork on z11 and both are working.


Just curious, if this fork is a stripped down version of Kodi v19.5, why is the file size 19.5MB larger than the stock Kodi v19.5 also downloaded from the 250931 link or from the Kodi site direct? Does it install anything in the background? See screenshot attached. Thanks for any insight/explaination.

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I haven’t a clue. You’ll have to ask those that use Kodi as I don’t, and won’t. gl2u

That is an intriguing question. My best guess is that it may have something to do with compatibility. Instead of needing several install files, @TROYPOINT may have a way to upgrade the Fork file to work across multiple platforms. I’m honestly not sure, that is just a guess.

I havent looked at this one in particular, but forks are not necessarily stripped down versions of Kodi. Some have customizations added in such as backgrounds, icons, logos, even certain addons. It just depends on who made it. They can be as different as regular Kodi builds made by different groups.

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That makes sense, thanks for your reply…

@Miki stated above this v19.5 fork is a stripped down version, which prompted my question. I was curious why the file size is 19.5MB larger (coincidentally) than the “official” Kodi v19.5. @AMD237 reply above makes the most sense why it is larger. I have both installed on my Firesticks, adding just my preferred addons and don’t notice anything different. Thanks for your reply. Thanks Troy!

Stripped down as in it isn’t a build and doesn’t have one. You have to add your own addons.

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Right. I did take a look at this briefly and I can tell you it did have an additional skin added (Confluence), and a few logos and icons. The Confluence skin will add at least, hmm, maybe 10mbs give or take in zip form. More when it’s expanded and installed.

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