TROYPOINT downloader issue

Anyone having issues with Downloader? It goes about half way then nothing

No mine’s working fine. 4K Maxx 55 download. I was able to go all the way to my favorites go to the files two of them no problems I didn’t try to download anything though. USA location is in Los Angeles server SS.

Make sure play protect and automatic updates are turned off. Last week google saw fit to re-enable mine and I had issues installing (sideloading) apps.

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They like to do that sneaky little suckers :scream:

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all is good. My power to my house was down yesterday but my backup ran all day. I just reset the box and all is good now

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In downloader, I don’t see play protect or automatic updates. Im having downloader problems with the cursor not moving around except for the 4 corners. Anyone have any suggestions.

Im using a TX6 android box and have a similar problem … i can get into downloader but scrolling on the main portion (right side) of the page is not possible, even when I turn my remote over to cursor. Its really annoying and usually I give up and go download from somewhere else. It does happen on other pages also.

Play protect and auto updates aren’t anything to do with downloader, they’re part of your google playstore settings.

Thanks Miki. How do you disable on a firestick?

There isn’t playstore on your stick unless you specifically went through the effort to add it. Firesticks are FireTV OS and are Amazon and so use the Amazon App Store.

Do you use the tduk speed app? If so, i found it needs to be installed on the internal storage. It doesn’t work if it’s installed on external storage. I just found this out by troubleshooting. I hope this will help. Have a good day.

No I don’t. Does it relate to using a remote as a mouse ?? I kinda stopped following the Doc … like squiffy when they got warned by YT to clean their acts up. I now mostly follow KP over on rumble … however his latest video’s are more about selling hardware than apps like they used to be but he has an awesome apps list on his website.
Please tell me about this speed app.

The speed toolbox from TDUK just makes the Max seem faster as it changes 3 settings that will speed up things like page transitions. That’s all.
The Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. So normally these settings are 1 and you can lower them to .5

Thanks for the info Miki.

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Here’s the link the link about TDUK speed app.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Things got busy here.

Hope this helps.

Have a good rest of your week

Thanks for this … will have a read over coffee this morning. you have a good week also. Cheers.