Troypoint app questions

I had to replace my fire Cube, which meant I needed to go to the troypoint app to download what I used to have on the old fire Cube. I noticed the things I’ve been using are no longer there. How about Cyberflix, Unlock my T TV, strickler, and Pluto. Are these no longer available? I also noticed that Syncler is still on the current troypoint APP, is that up and running successfully now? Thanks so much.

You can use filelinked with codes troy has provided in recent news letters to get to the apps not available in the rapid app installer.

Again thanks that was very helpful to find what I was looking for. Do you have any idea how I can search for Strix?

Sorry, I don’t have any info regarding strix.

Hello tbraun… once you have downloaded filelinked … at the top when you open the filelinked app there is a search box just type in … strix… there are 2 strix in there an official one and an ad free one both are ver 1.0.7 and are both redesigned … this code 51829986 is the one used for filelinked and is the one containing both strix apps

Hi, I’m coming to you because you’re always so very helpful. I just changed phones and now I’ve got an Apple phone. It looks like I cannot get the troypoint app on an Apple phone. Is that correct? Also, I’m aware there’s a new update on Cinema, but when I go to my troypoint app on my fire stick, it won’t let me download anything from Cinema. Again thank you for your help.

From troypoint rapid app installer description: “Works on all Android-powered devices such as Fire TV/Stick, NVIDIA Shield, TiVo Stream 4K, Android boxes, phones, and tablets.”

I’ve had similar problems updating Cinema from the rapid app installer. When this has happened, I manually uninstalled the existing version of Cinema then was able to install the latest version from Troy’s app. Hope this helps.

Hi, I have had to reboot my fire TV. I think earlier you sent me information about how to get filelinked download it on to my fire cube. I thought I saved it but I cannot find it. Could you possibly send that again? Thanks so much.

Filelinked appears to have gone down and doesn’t look like it is coming back. You’ll need to go to an alternative source like an AppStore (Aptoide, etc.) or get a direct url to install the app you are looking for.

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Hi… Unfortunately filelinked is no more… but new ones are popping up, 3 so far…
they are all in the early stages yet… but why not download all 3 and try them all…
They’re all on Youtube… if you need the links let me know

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It’s in the app store. Amazon app store that is.


Does anyone have the 6 digit code for strix? TIA

Sup phil & welcome…

For unlinked… type in 44444444, its in that library

try this… 229156
On this installation guide it tell you to input any random 6 digit code

Thank you, that worked


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