Troypoint app max player pro

Noticed the version of mx player pro is not up to date. Does it matter for playing, subtitles etc

Normally the installers on the TP App mirror back to the developers’ install file and should always give the most up to date (but stable) release. Beta versions likely wouldn’t be available until they are a normal, stable version of the app. What version do you think it should be?

I believe it is now 1.46.1.

I just deleted the one I had and downloaded from Troypoint and it says 1.34.7.

That’s “funny” since on my other fire device it is 1.39.13 and I believe I also downloaded that from the app quite awhile ago.

Some of those are a bit behind as we are using the modified version with all of the codecs. Usually, you will never notice any difference from these small updates and sometime the old ones are better.

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Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me.

I admire your knowledge and enjoy your willingness to share.

At my age I can certainly agree that sometimes older is better.

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