Hello Everyone,

I am working on new features for the TROYPOINT App.

One will be an Internet Speed Test. Also, the videos section will become much more user friendly with ability to sort by category.

I am curious if there are any other APKs (Apps) that you would like to see in the Rapid App Installer. As of now, we have the following that you will see listed below.

Note: Due to legal concerns I will not be adding Showbox back into the app. Also, there are hundreds of IPTV providers and we will only add those that we feature on the TROYPOINT site.

Thanks for your suggestions if you have any!

Current Apps in Rapid App Installer

Kodi 18.1
Kodi 17.6
Xanax Build APK
Cinema APK
MediaBox HD
Popcorn Time
CyberFlix TV
Titanium TV
Morpheus TV
Tea TV
Sportz TV
Kodi Solutions
Eternal TV
Area 51 IPTV
The Players Klub
Relax TV
Ckaty TV
Live NetTV
IPTV Extreme
Aptoide TV
VLC Media Player
MX Player
Mouse Toggle 1.11
Mouse Toggle 1.06
Downloader Browser Plugin
IPTV Smarters
ES File Explorer

  1. dream Tv can connect real debrid 2.silent ghost, one click and play. Thanks again

I have been trying ( 3 times at least) to get rapid app installer and supercharge guide but I never received email and I checked spam. are they still available.

Hello @tata59 please note that those links are located at the bottom of every Newsletter that I send out. You can’t register again because you are already subscribed. You can also find the links in the Smart Start Guide of this forum -


I tried the link and says I don’t have access

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@tata59 Are you a member?

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I am a member and it saying that as well.

@tata59 @vidiot Try this link - TROYPOINT Insider - TROYPOINT Insider community All of the guides will be posted here and it also includes the Smart Start Guide. Sorry, still getting acquainted with this forum.

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Ckay APK is no longer a free application. As of the recent update, all users are asked to chose from one of two options. The basic one is $5 per month. It now seems prudent to subscribe to another choice of IPTV service plans that are much more sophisticated and user friendly. Free is good but the party is over. Look at SportsTv and Player Klub.

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i use tivimate apk for iptv services that use m3u list

read about it here

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I have installed tivimate and purchased the tivimate premium, my iptv service provides a catch up service but I can not find how to get it to display so I could connect to it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


go left when viewing guide on the channel and click on the show
if guide doesnt give a program then wont work
make sure in playlist the catchup is checked

Thanks, I also found out if the show has a clock on it that means it is a catchup feature. Again thanks for the reply

@TROYPOINT One of the handiest APK’s I’ve found. A lot of useful stuff in there. Thanks!

X-plore. I find it so much easier than ES. I’m pretty sure you’ve covered it before. Not sure why you aren’t promoting it.

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If APKs aren’t free anymore why is the Supercharge Guide still available with obsolete videos?

The videos still work just fine and so does the TROYPOINT app. For obvious legal reasons we can’t provide those apps anymore and you should be using Unlinked which I show in the video as well. Those videos have been updated. Plus all APKs are still free. Not sure why you think you need to pay for them.