Troy what happened to your Rapid app Installer

Troy, please reply to this message. Where have all the apps on the Rapid App Installer gone? Stremio, Cat Mouse, Morph and others are no longer available.

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fe1… might be to save space… Troys. RAI has the filelinked app download it and you will see LOADs of apps on there including Stremio, catmouse Morpheus etc

May be space issues. Possibly due to legal issues…?

Where do I look fo the files

Go to (or get if you haven’t got it already ) Troys Rapid App Installer, open it and scroll down till you find an App called Filelinked, download and install it. Open it on your device… inside you will find …loads… of files !!

@r_higginbotham @raybray @oped01 @fe1 Correct, legal takedown requests. This is why I’ve added Filelinked with the code that provides everything you need that we originally had. Thank you guys.


I already have Filelinked app. What is the TP code?

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Hello @reisb4 the one that we suggest is 95030652


I lost my rapid app from Troypoint how do I add it back

Hello, due to legal reasons we had to discontinue the app. Use our Toolbox instead.

The RAI has been gone for a long time. Troy now has a :toolbox:

Lol. Talk about fast. Lol @TROYPOINT