Trouble with KODI 19.4

Just updated firestick 4k with KODI 19.4. Installed the Crew and The Oath. Customized add-ons and tested; worked fine. Shut down firestick and re-started sometime later. The Crew opened with blank menu screens. The Oath opened fine but when I selected a movie I got no streams available. Are these add ons compatible with KODI 19.4?

Yes both are working with Kodi 19.4 on my Firestick 4k max

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Check your storage first, clear cache and try again.

Thanks for the quick response. plenty of available storage and clear cache every time I close an App.



They are capable with 19.4, no streams typically means there isnt anything available. Free streams comes and goes.

Do you have a real debrid?

Make sure your real debrid is up-to-date.
Re authorize your account
Delete your devices in real debird and re add them
Make sure they are added in real debrid.

These steps are a must and will solve the issue 9 out of 10 times. Also check real debrids Twitter for status updates.


Real Debrid was connected to these addons as part of customization of newly added apps and re-authorized. Don’t understand why both apps tested OK after install was completed and got sick only after KODI was shut down and re-started some time later.

Have you installed/downloaded anything since you last successfully used Kodi? Or updated anything? Oath and TheCrew are perfect within Kodi 19.4 so I can only assume there’s something interfering with things at your end.

Thanks for your response. Uninstalled/reinstalled both Crew and Oath. Crew working fine now, same no stream available problem with Oath. Am using repos. Is this the right repos for 19.4?

You’re probably right but I can’t find what I might have done wrong when I customized KODI. There must be some option I’ve corrupted but I’m not going to re-install KODI at this time. I’ve checked all KODI options and don’t see anything that would be causing Oath problem. Crew is working fine since re-install. At this point I am leaning to Getting rid of Oath and finding another 19.4 add on. Thanks again for your support.

Not sure but I think your url for oath is missing forward slash at the end -

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I have the Firestick 4k and a 4k Max. Everything works fine on mine. I would uninstall Kodi 9.4 and reinstall it and reinstall Xenon from scratch. Every now and then things get buggy with my devices and that is the fix I use.

If you do pass on The Oath, consider Seren :+1:

Have you got def squid , it tells you if you’re apps are ok and cleans up the stick


If you have a real debrid, seren is your best bet.

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The Oath add-on no longer be working.
If you have it you could see some movies or tv shows but no update will be provided.
When removing it you will not get any movie or tv shows.


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