Trouble setting up mecool k2

I’m having trouble with cinema on this device. When I click on a stream I get redirector.bin Can anyone help?

Also it seems I can’t sign into Stremio as a guest can this be fixed?

I am setting this device up for the first time on my tv

Why use the guest option. Stremio you can use a fake e:mail with any password to get an account and it’s all free. That way you have the full monty.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!

Ok thanks! I reinstalled Stremio and now it only lets me in with a link. So is it to late to sign in with email?

Stremio works best if you set it up on a pc with credentials. Then you can install it anywhere and just enter your info and poof…all set up already. Stremio is the only app like this that I know of and for me what makes it stand apart from the others.

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If I remeber correctly it gives you an option to do a manual login onstead of a scan code. I used the manual login as I knew my credentials.

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If I paid more attention I would have had options. Whatever I did only the link code was available!

Now I’m having trouble with addons. When I set up my fire tv 3 years ago it was simple. How do I add on torrents on this box?

Log out and then log back in. When the log in window appears you should be able to scroll down and click on manual login. For addons.

I logged out of Stremio when I go back I get link account

When I go to this site and try to install torrentio I get web page not available name not resolved

I’m sorry but I have no understanding what you’ve done or why you’re having issues. It’s a simple matter of going to Stremio - Freedom to Stream and installing the proper app for your device, create an account and login. Then start adding addons and configuring. Without being there with you, I wouldn’t know where to begin resolving this. Look at the following and see if it helps you.
Stremio on Firestick / Android TV Review – Is This App Safe & Legal?

I have downloaded the app the issue is addons. I went to the community site for addons and they wouldn’t install

I can’t find any addons in the app. When I click addons it wants me to sync from pc or phone. I don’t have a pc or an android phone. I have an iPhone.

That second link I sent is all addons.Simply open it in a web browser on the device you have stremio on, choose your addon and click the install button. This will then open stremio to a page that has an install link. Click it. Doesn’t get any easier. gl2u

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After much frustration I decided to take my fire tv and go back to factory settings! I really wanted to change per TROYPOINT due to Amazon issues! I was naive to think I could just switch from one to the other without problems! Leaving mecool alone until I have enough time to do it right!

On fire tv everything loaded really easy per your instructions. Thank you! However I think I made a mistake with the vpn. I loaded SS and connected. Then I loaded Stremio and cinema. It seems like I have two vpn servers on. I started cinema working fine. Started Stremio working fine! Came back today to use apps I have a habit of reconnecting my vpn before each day. I did so and started with Stremio today. It shut down a few times I am assuming because of kill switch. So I go to Cinema and get buffering. Usually I change the server and it works. When I went back to SS the settings were back to yesterday settings. I reconnected and cinema worked fine. I’m 100% sure I changed the vpn this morning to another city.

Could this be because I loaded the apps with the vpn on? Or is there another explanation? At this point I feel like a total idiot. I’m the one who always finds a way to mess it up! Lol. Please have a good laugh on me and please help me again!

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