Trouble loading EPG with FS 4K

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:+1: an xteve link… good one, will check it out

So how do I C&C the epg link from a computer notepad onto my firestick’s Tivimate?

Open the txt file and just enter the epg into Tivimate on the firestick.

OK…so just type in the url…but the text includes “username=test” & “password=test”.
Does the URL need those?

Just Checked the Combined list on my Tivimate and Distro,Redbox, pluto etc all played fine.

They are playing fine, but try to update.
As of last night, DSr Combined is showing “failed to update”.

Yeah that’s weird. I’ve had that list for a while now. I got it from @Miki and it’s worked perfect . I only used the playlist without epg in url and it loaded everything. So am not sure if that caused the problem.

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As far as the info in the guides that is going to be sporadic. That’s why @Miki put 25 plus playlists together to try and fill the gaps. So we can thank him for all that hard work!

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As long as you’re using the play list, you’re fine. It’s just that DSr pulled both the & long form URLs for some reason, so we can’t do a new install or update.

And it is a great play list, for sure.

That was my suspicion that one was not happy with the other. Have a great day