Transfer from Fire TV 4k to 4k Max

Does anyone know a way to transfer apps and data from my Fire TV 4k to new 4k Max.
Any help would be appreciated.
Ken Mc

I use “Send Files to TV” app to move files around on my local network. Check it out & see if it’ll work for what you want to do.

Thank you! Can you please let me know where I can get the app?

I did this using a program called mixplorer.

Went into mixplorer slected apps on the left, went through long clicking on the apps I wanted to move then selected COPY on the top bar. browsed to my USB attached storage on the left and selected PASTE.

If you have no USB you can copy them to a folder on the stick and then use the inbuilt FTP server in mixplorer to take a copy to a PC.

then just attach the storage, or copy the apps apks back to the new stick using the mixplorer app and its built in FTP server. The install the apps direct from the stick.

there’s a tutorial on TechDoctorUK


Thanks Mark. Really appreciate it!
Ken Mc

Play Store or Amazon App store…

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