Transfer apps on android

The best way to copy or transfer apps from one android box to another.

apps2fire works for me.As my following friend suggested and I was just looking for, " send anywhere" tx @pangaeatech

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Send Anywhere & Send Files to TV are a couple more…

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One thing I am noticing about Send Anywhere is…your standard remote won’t quite get you there…you need an air mouse remote or wifi/bt keyboard to maneuver certain parts of the process…at least I do. This was PF’s fav app for moving files around…I still use the send files to tv app when I move my tivimate backups from box to box…

Look good thanks I will give it a go


Looks good.thanks I will try it

Send my files to tv is also good, also everyone should understand the rai also does this, its built in.


I’ve yet to try that @TP-Dracoo forgot all about it…thanks for the reminder :+1:


You can install x-plorer on both and use ftp.

Will give it a try thanks for your imput

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