- Is it safe

I like the concept on Trakt. I often watch TV show from multiple devices (firestick, fire tablet, phone) and it would be nice to keep track of which episodes I have already watched. However, I occasionally watch a movie that I do not own exclusive rights to. With Trakt tracking everything I watch, could this be a security issue?

I would like to know your thoughts.

Does anyone else use Trakt and do you like it?

Been using it for a long time. I don’t know that it logs your IP address or anything like that. It’s just keeping a log of what you’ve watched on your account. Personally I don’t see the government ever coming after the end users for streaming content. Downloading and/or redistributing is another story. However if you always use a VPN that shouldn’t be an issue.

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I even use it without a VPN and don’t have issues.

It’s safe. I’d recommend a VPN tho.

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