Trakt Throttling Applied In Venom

Currently running Venom with Kodi 19.3 Matrix on a 4K firestick which was working fine up to a few days ago.

Lately I keep getting a message in the bottom right hand corner of the screen from Trakt saying “Trakt Throttling Applied” with a countdown of a number of seconds which varies with each message.

Reduced my collections list in Trakt and my TV Shows list but it made no difference. removed and reinstalled Venom…no difference.

Any ideas as to a fix before I do a complete reinstall of Kodi and Venom and all my other addons ( which may not even solve the issue :roll_eyes: ) as it is extremely annoying and tends to slow everything down?

Thanks in advance…


Welcome to the community.

I wonder if this has anything to do with api limited trakt has been doing. I personally haven’t had this come up.

Have you tried other addons like crew or seren?

No problem with other addons, e.g. crew or the oath, but if I’m watching something with one of the other addons I still get the message with the venom icon…

Tonight I’m going to remove Venom and use other addons and see if that makes a difference but I would really like to keep using Venom as I find it extremely good with nice features.


I haven’t used venom in a while, I mainly use crew and seren as my go to. Let’s see what others say.

One of the things I like about Venom is it tells you the quality of the links after scraping, e.g. hdr, dolby 5.1, etc…

I had Seren installed but never really used it. I started to get a Trakt error message for Seren whenever I started Kodi about a week before Venom started acting up but ignored it as I don’t use Seren. I then removed Seren when I started to get the throttling message.

Yes lets see what others have to say and if I have any further updates I’ll let you know.

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Just a quick update: Completely removed Venom from Kodi and to date no further throttling messages received so it looks like it’s a Venom issue.

Going to try other alternatives to see if I can live without my Venom…!!!

Many thanks to TP-Dracoo for the input.



Lots of other alternatives.

If you use real debrid use the crew and seren. In my opinion works way better. Venom has had some issues lately and not sure if it’s going to be updated.

I have used the crew with RD and found it ok but some shows that wouldn’t play in crew would play in venom and vice versa. Having a look at Magic Dragon at the moment but will use the crew and oath as my go to for the moment as I evaluate other alternatives.


After some research other seem to have the trakt throttling issue, the dev suggested Turing off server notifications to advoid it. However this seems to be due to the api key limiting as mentioned above.

Api limited to 1000 calls per 5 mins.

Thanks for the info DP-Dracoo. Will wait a bit while having a look at other alternatives and maybe reinstall venom with the fix you suggested if the alternatives don’t measure up but looks like venom may have had it’s day… :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:

I just got the trakt error message pop up earlier today, in my Seren addon in kodi, but had no idea what it meant or what it means🤷‍♀️ It gives an error message in red “X-trakt error” but goes away so quickly I wasn’t able to read the whole thing. I’ll go ooen it again to see if I get same thing and check my kodi log file to see if it explains what’s going on…


I think it’s related to trakts api limit to 1000 calls in 5 mins.

It’s on trakts end. It’s server related. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong as they have done this back in 2020.

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Thanks for the info TP-Dracoo :slightly_smiling_face:

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