Trakt sign up error

I have tried numerous time to sign up for a Trakt account only to be met with the something wrong banner. they then suggest trying twitter which I don’t have. I had gotten the same results every time. Anyone else experiencing any new account sign up problems?


This guide shows you how to sign up and activate trakt on kodi.

It’s similar real debrid. It also shows how to make an account.

Trakt is working fine and shouldn’t have issues with account creation.

Go to there website, sign up with an email.


i struggled with it then tried very early in am and had no issues i think thier site might get a bit overwhelmed during busy part of day

Thanks for the step by step but as you can see by the enclosed web capture, it produces the same result.


After doing some research it looks like to be a server sided error.

However there status status page. appears to be normal. You can follow the guide above which as the trakt addon for kodi, how ever its implemented in the addons like crew and seren.

The error from what i read is a capacity issues or something related to there sever. But others are not having issues. Keep trying.

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