Trakt on Crew NiQue

Hi i installed my Crew NiQue with no issues (besides trying to get kodi from TP app)
I see it has Trakt under movies with even my movies listed but i dont see any way to set up my Trakt account (and would it link to my favorites automaticlly?) and while he did show how to do real-debrid in his video, there was no mention on Trakt or how to link my IPTV service into the build.
Any help would be grateful

I’m following this question also :grin:

ok trakt issues solved … if anyone knows of how to do the iptv service part part that would be great .
for those who would like to know the trakt part.
From main screen go to apps/video addons/crew/tools
from there you can link your trakt
p.s seems that ghost and chains addons have there own trakt sign on also