Trakt not syncing in CinemaHD & Syncler

I have just got a new Nvidia Shield and can’t get Trakt to install on either of these apps. I have both apps ‘allowed’ in the security settings. In settings in Cinema, when I click on log-in for Trakt, everything seems to go fine and ends as WhooHoo, You are now connected to Cinema. But there is no Trakt account showing in settings and nothing syncs. When I click on log-in again, it asks if I want to log-out of Trakt and when I say yes, the same cycles happens again. Exactly the same thing happens in Syncler although it says I am connected to Kodi. I have reinstalled both the apps with no success and everything else seems to be working OK including Real-Debrid which I have installed on both with no problems.


Save to your favorites so it will track it.

Thanks for that, TP-Dracoo


You are welcome.

Syncler keeps track of everything if you add it to your watch list btw. You can resume where you left off and keeps track of episodes without trakt.

You can also switch between the movie dB and trakt without a trakt account on syncler. Not saying not to use trakt just food for thought.

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