Trakt lists for favorite TV shows

I’m posting this in the Kodi forum but it applies to all… is an incredible tool. I’ve run into too many friends who constantly search for their TV shows to watch. You can setup lists in link the account to the app and all of you favorite TV show will show up in that app under “my TV shows” then lists. And it keeps track of what you have already watched.

Once setup on your computer you can search one time for your favorite movie or show and add it to a list. I have 3 lists. One for me. One for my wife and I and one for retro shows.


what do you have 3 accounts to have 3 lists ?

No you can create multiple lists on the website.

Very interesting, i think i just may have to try this out this weekend!! Thanks!

What’s your feeling on security when using on Kodi.

Not sure what you mean when you say “security”, but if I understand how it works, has no idea that you are accessing apps that you have in Kodi. When you turn it on and link it to a particular app, it merely tracks the shows and movies that you watch using that app.

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Thanks for reply I guess my VPN should cover any other concerns I have.