it worth it and why?

I just signed up and installed Trakt (free version) on Syncler+ and Cinema HD. Other than keeping track of what you watch is there any other benefit to this app? If so, is it worth it to pay for their premium package and what improvements should I expect?

Btw, Cinema HD v.2.4.0 seems to be working fine. I was reading posts earlier this morning that stated several issues and complaints about the app’s performance. In checking it out I decided to readup and research Tract and then decided to install it.


I’ve been using Trakt TV for years and love it. I see no benefits to the Premium Version unless you want some year end analysis, social media stuff, etc… what I really love is that I can go into my account on a laptop and easily add shows, movies, lists, etc… and they get synced with KODI. You can do this within KODI as well but I find adding stuff a lot faster in my account on a laptop mostly because the cheap Bluetooth mini remotes while good still pale in comparison to a keyboard on a PC


I don’t use Kodi. That is why I was wondering if it is worth it to non-kodi peeps?

I agree, after reading TP’s review and a bit more research. I don’t think a paid sub has that much more benefit to me. I will keep the free, well, because it is free! lol

I am new to Trakt so I am still a noob! lol


Ah, got it. Curious as to how Trakt works outside of KODI? so you can use it within Tivimate? How does it integrate or sync with your playlists?

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Idk yet. I haven’t messed around on it this morning, but I will be watching what happens over the next few days.

I usually just a favorites list as my go selections for the most part.

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Okay just thinking out loud how Trakt would work with IPTV and even if it does because in KODI it keeps track of what you watch. I haven’t seen anything in Tivimate where it could be authorized or used but I’m fairly new to Tivimate and the IPTV side of things so don’t know. I believe it can be used in APK’s as well.

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It doesn’t work in Tivimate but works good in Syncler+. When people tell me some shows I might like or read reviews and find something interesting it is convenient to open my Trakt account on my PC or even phone web browser, do a search and add to my Trakt Watch List.

It’s hard to keep up with all the things I’m watching, planning to watch or may like to try, etc. Also if I find a series I like, I will snag the whole season in Syncler+'s Debrid Manager so it is on the cloud. When I pull up my trakt watch list or trakt history for that show, it finds the cloud file. That way, if you found the right quality source file, you always have the same source file for all episodes. It is also useful for keeping track of which episode is next. That can get confusing if you are watching several different TV Series.

I basically use Tivimate with my IPTV service and Syncler+ with Real Debrid and Trakt. That pretty much covers it for me.

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Yup do pretty much same things as you do with Adding Trakt shows or movies on the PC and it’s always open in a Chrome Broswer. Been using a KODI Build with RD and Trakt for years and just recently got into Tivimate and IPTV. I’ll continue to use KODI and Trakt for Shows/Movies but creating a solid list of Favorites (mostly News and Sports channels) on Tivimate

If you go to the Trakt website it will tell you which media players Trakt works with:

Kodi, Plex, Netflix, Infuse, Jellyfin, Emby, MediaPortal, MrMC, Stremio, Serviio, and VLC.

You can also go to the apps page and see all of the “series manager” type apps that are available for your device that sync with Trakt. Instead of keeping a web browser page open and logged in with Trakt, you can use one of these apps to find a show and manage your collection.


That reminds me… I have Syncler installed on my android phone as well, and I can search shows, add/play from Trakt…everything I can do on my TV streaming device.

That comes in handy when I’m out and about and need quick access.

Via your computer you can set up your own categories, i.e. Star Wars movies, category by actor or director, your favorite movies and/orTV shows, documentaries, etc. I found it to be a great tool in conjunction with Syncler. I even have categories for my favorite movies, TV shows vs. my wife’s which saves a lot of time when looking for for a particular item. You just have to select trakt as the list you want as default and select My Lists.


Cool. I didn’t realize you can setup customized lists. That will come in handy!


Yup easy Peasy. when the Academy Award Nominations recently came out I went into my Trakt Account on my laptop, created a list just for those Movies and within 5 minutes had a list just for these synched to KODI

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