Trakt error authorizing

Getting “trakt error authorizing” when trying to authorize trakt in kodi add on. Is the due to trakt not fully back in service?

Yes, they are still down.


From Trakt Site:
## On December 11 at 7:30 pm PST our main database crashed and corrupted some of the data. We’re deeply sorry for the extended downtime and we’ll do better moving forward. Updates to our automated backups are already in place and they will be tested on an ongoing basis.

** Data prior to November 7 is fully restored.*
** Watched history after November 7 is still being recovered.*

    • The data should be available next week.*
    • You’ll be able to import any history we recover.*
      ** All other data after November 7 has been imported.*
      ** Some data might be permanently lost due to data corruption.*
      ** Trakt API will be turned on next week.*
      ** Active VIP members will get 2 free months of membership.*

My #trakt account began working again last night @Dukeweaver


yup still down,but i’m patience :slight_smile:

My account is now accessible on their site, but still not able to link to it on my devices yet.

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Likewise - thinking of dumping it altogether - don’t really need it to keep record of where I’ve left off on weekly TV Shows I watch weekly!

If you ever try Stremio you will note that it keeps track of your watched episodes as well as providing an addon for Trakt. Best of both worlds.


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