Torrentio addon gone from Stremio

Sometime over the weekend of January 30-31/2021, all the torrentio streams disappeared from the Stremio app. And when I tried to reinstall it, it was nowhere to be found. Are they having issues? Is there a workaround? Stremio had become our go-to app for streaming over the past few months and we are really missing it!

I have been using Streamio for months now and have not had a problem. Cinema became too much of a headache to deal with. I still see the Torrentio addon. I did a uninstall/install and added Torrentio. Working fine.

Stremio had become our go-to app for the reasons you describe. Really disappointing we can no longer get it to work. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still no torrentio addon available. Many others on Reddit describe the same problem. We keep hoping Troy will post a fix for us. :frowning:


I just installed Stremio and when I searched the addons for Torrentio, the only options available were the Lite version and a Brazuca version (evidently for those who speak Brazilian). There is NO Torrentio - by itself - available. What do you suggest?

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Use the Lite version. It worked for me.



here you can add torrentio addon to your stremio apk : Torrentio - Stremio Addon

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Welcome to Troy’s little bit of cord cutting heaven.
A similar link to what I posted. If you add the following link into the Stremio addon search and enter it you will get the full json list.


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