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I use the TMDB Helper search function to find links. When I do, a certain number of players come up, for Venom, Seren, The Crew, The Oath, Patriot, etc.–but not for all the addons I have installed. Does this mean that certain addons’ links can only be accessed through the individual addon itself and not through TMDB search? If I want to install an addon–say Kodiverse or Asgard–how do I find the player for it and add it to the TMDB list? I’m not sure if this is really clear, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


@Mac6 Hi

TMDB provid search results, it shows you the add-ons where you can watch what you searched for
If you have any of the add-ons installed on your device just click on that add-on to watch what you searched for.

If you like to install other add-ons check the list created by TP with the latest add-ons.
Best Kodi Add-ons

Note: The Oath, Vanum, Fen add-ons are not working anymore, consider to install other add-ons if you wich.

Some players for addons–Venom, Fen, Seren, The Crew, The Oath–show up with links when you hit play for a movie in TMDB Helper. Others, such as Wolfpack and Kodiverse, do not, presumably because their players are not included when you install additional more players pack. How do you get their players added to TMDB Helper?


Hi again.
Add External Player to TMDB Helper

Step 1. Go to TMDB Helper Settings menu. Go to Players tab and click Update players from URL.

Step 2. Enter URL exactly

Step 3. Click Yes to download TMDB Helper players. Select Yes when asked to clear existing players

Step 4. As you can see, the players are now replaced by Seren, 13 Clowns, Clowns Replica, Exodus Redux, Venom and dozens more, while most of which are Kodi addons. :+1:

Let me know if you succeed.

Actually, I have done that, but don’t have players for Asguard, Wolfpack, Kodiverse, etc. The only players installed are for addons I already have, but they don’t include the addons I mentioned above.


Hi the players url is the only one available at the moment, and will provides the available players added to the url, this will be automatically updated by the developers.

I have one question, did you enter the url correctly can you check it for typos it should be without a dot at the end. Thanks :pray:

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