Tivo stream 4k says usb safely ejected after format

I have 3 tivo stream 4k devices. I am trying to add extra storage via usb flash drive. 1 of them accepted flash drive and is working fine. The other 2 whether using otg cable or usb c adapter, go into a reboot loop when the adapter is attached. Help appreciated.

Make sure you are in developer mode and usb debugging is turned on

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ok it did not have usb debugging on. I turned it on and it is not rebooting anymore. it went through the formatting as device storage and says it was formatted. The storage is not showing up on the device.

I restarted the device now it says usb drive is safely ejected

reboot and it will see it again and let you add it as internal or external storage

I have rebooted 3 times and it still shows usb device safely ejected when I go into storage. Does it make a difference if it was formatted as device or removable storage? I formatted as device storage.

all depends on usage. If you need more storage on the device then internal device storage would be my choice. If you plan on un-plugging it often to transfer files then removable storage. I have a tivo4k and I use both. I keep a 32gb stick always attached and another I use to transfer.

edit… also use a file manager to see and move files within the device. I have xplore installed and use that to work with the files and view storage.

Yes I need more storage, so I formatted as device storage. It stated that the device was formatted but when I go into storage, it says usb safely ejected.

look in developer settings and see what usb is set to. Try mtp setting if on charge and vice-versa if on mtp try the charge setting. That can act strange sometimes.

…reboot after changing

ok…so i started over with a new flash drive and everything is working. Im guessing something was wrong with the flash drive. Is there any way to reformat the drive to be able to use again?

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take that flash drive to a computer and format it.

I used the program in file explorer to reformat it before and retried on tivo. Should i reformat with different program?

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whenever I have a drive acting up I move it to my computer and format it to ntfs and put back into device and it will format it again to suit its own needs.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your quick responses!

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