TiVo Stream 4K Rebooting

Help my TiVo stream 4K keeps rebooting this is the 5th one I’ve had and they all keep doing the same thing rebooting several times.

Hi, How much availiable memory do you have left?

Wish I could help. We use 3 of them and never had an issue. If it lets you, I would definitely reset it and see if that helps. That would be my first course of action

I have plenty of memory I added a flash drive

Ok, have you tried changing the hdmi cable and another cause could be over heating.

Tried resetting them as well I have bought 5 in the past 2 years and I have exact same problem with each one that I purchased just bought a 2022 and exact same problem smh! Firesticks work fine Apple TV works fine Nvidia shield works fine but the TiVo Steam 4K cannot get to work. I also googled it and several others are having the exact same problem but everything they say try doesn’t work.

Wow ok. Thanks for that info. I hope mine aren’t standing in line waiting for that to happen. I have an ONN box now as a backup if one goes out. I better pick a couple more up. Thanks for the info!

I have one and no issues but I believe its an older model.

Google is causing the same problem with Android phones. DELETE your Google account, uninstall the app that keeps rebooting, reboot two times, reinstall the app.
Once you delete your Google Account the Play Store is no longer available. No biggie, there are lots of places to download apps. Just like YouTube removed one of Troy’s videos, GOOGLE seems to have joined the Internet Police. I fixed my son’s new TiVo last night, deleted Google account, rebooting issue seems resolved, will watch closely to see if it stays fixed. At issue was an unverified IPTV service, Google/TiVo didn’t like it. No Google account, no issues…for now. We will see!


can anyone tell if tivo has updated to android 11? if so I bet thats the issue and yes its googles fault and the issues are across devices???

Could be something as simple (although frustrating) as the tech spec of the HDMI input port on your TV. The hz on ports are variable from 23-120hz depending on manufacturer and component parts…also the age of TV. It could be that your TV just doesn’t do well with Tivo devices.

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