TiVo Stream 4K has been a very stable device

Does anyone else use this as your streaming device? I’ve used Firesticks and gave this a try at the price point and find it very reliable. The remote is well built and easy to use. I connected a 32GB Sandisk to it vis USBC/USB cable and moved what I could over. More room than I’ll ever need. Replacing all my streaming devices with them. Eventually going to at least one NVIDIA Shield Pro to try but am in no rush at the moment

I use the TiVo as one of my streaming devices. I agree that it is very stable, and I like it very much. I personally like it a little better than the Amazon fire sticks. Everything seems to operate very smooth and fluid, right down to the remote itself and also including when browsing the menus, besides the streaming experience. Plus I like the extra micro USB port too. I also like how the remote feels in my hand when I’m holding it and using it, and the buttons also have a good feel to them too. I also like the home screen better than Amazon’s. A lot of information you can have it set to show you on the home screen, which you can customize. Thumbs up to the TiVo in my book. :+1::+1:

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