TiviMate won't record to external usb drive

Tried to change the recordings folder path on the tivimate app. It says “Failed to change the recordings folder”.

Any suggestions? I’m using the Onn android tv streaming device. It recognizes the usb drive.


I’d contact @PiratePete , he knows what he’s doing with on and loves them. He should be able to help you.

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@Miki aren’t firestick the same using tivimate,…had to be usb connected as internal instead of external for recording? My onn’s are set up with adoptable storage that adds it to internal.

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Internal for apps, external for recording.

Adoptable? is that where Troy shows how to add usb to the Onn streamer? I did that but I may have to try it again. Not working with the generic usb memory stick. I have a Sandisk usb. I’ll have to try it.

I went back through the video about the Onn tv streamer and Troy explained how to mount the usb memory stick to the Onn tv device. It’s working now.

Thanks for help,


Nice going and thanks for letting us know. That’s a two thumbs up win.

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