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Does Tivimate have an actual website, I know there’s a fake one that offers IP TV services but I don’t think it’s theirs. I love the app

No they don’t. I believe they have a discord and telegram site and maybe a reddit group.

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Issues? What do you want to know? Most likely your answers can be found right here in the Insider.

I don’t believe there is an “official” discord server. The one you link to has been around awhile. I believe it’s community driven.

Correct, there is no official Tivimate forum. That is why I suggested asking for help here. We know as much, if not more about Tivimate, than all those other forums.

Besides, we’re nicer and better looking, too!

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I was watching the St. Jude Championship (golf) yesterday afternoon when it went into overtime. At the same time, the wife was pressuring me to walk the dog. Okay, so I’ll record it on TiviMate. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to record the channel I was watching. Tried everything including a search here. I simply couldn’t figure out how to get to that menu with the pause, FF, Rewind, and record. And I knew I’d done it before. The most simple thing. I got mad and the wife got mad and ended up walking the pooch herself lol. So finally figured it out today and it’s not very intuitive, but of course you short press the enter button and then the UP button. Duh. Sometimes it’s the simple things.

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At least you didn’t use a Barny Fife or Homer Simpson example!

Homer Remote for Dummies

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