Tivimate watch and record at the same time

Yes, you heard me correctly you can watch and record tivimate at the same time. I use mxplayer pro to watch as tivimate records the program. Don’t try to open the recording on tivimate, even with external player. Tivimate will ask you if you want to stop the recording. You do not want this. I also use Mx player pro for my external player on tivimate.

For example, let’s say you have a three hour show that you want to watch and record. The show is one hour into the recording. Open MX player pro. It will find all your recordings on your internal and external storage. I always use external storage. I use a 256G Ultra Dual m3.0 Flash Drive USB and Micro-USB.
Use MX player pro to open the recording you want to watch. You will notice it shows there is one hour of the recording to watch. MX player pro will open the one hour recording and not stop tivimate recording. You can stop, reverse, forward fast or slow speeds. I love the fast speed when watching a sports game to get through it quickly, but still see the summary of the game.
When your one hour is up, exit MX player pro. Reopen the same stream with MX player pro again. It will now show two hours of playtime or wherever tvmate is at. Fast forward to where you left off and watch the next hour. Repeat the same steps for the last hour on the show.
MX player pro is now one of my favorite apps at the top of my screen.
It’s the player that tivimate uses not the recording!!! Amazon.dummies, really?!
I have had tvmate record and MX player pro play a stream even with the blue screen that said the stream had been lost.
On several occasions a one hour show may show 25 minutes on recording. However, MX player pro will play the full one hour show. I’ve had the same thing happen with recordings for three or four hours. MX player pro digs out the recording and plays all of it beautifully.
I hope someone else uses VLS and can verify the same thing works with that player. I’m assuming it will.
The key here is use MX player pro not Tivimate. Especially if tivimate will not open the recording or if it is corrupted or if you want to watch and record at the same time. Pass the message along. Good luck.

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Deja vu.

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First and foremost, your information is very articulate and knowledgeable. That’s why I’m reaching out to you.

So, I’m a little naive on iptv providers and combining the Mx player pro into say my Tivimate and any other app that I use.
My main need for iptv is USA nfl football and kids stuff.
I’ve tried several free trials and can’t get to load in Tivimate, just
Iptv smarters
I’m using a firetv just purchased. I’ve been reading troypoint forever.
I can follow instructions
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Which firetv did you get, cube? For recording, The cube is great with an external 256 go flash drive.

Mx player and tivimate are 2 separate apps. However, you can click and hold a recording and select external player. Which will be Mx player if installed I would install Mx player regardless if you are going to record. Google Mx player troypoint for more help.

To get all of the features out of tivimate purchase the premium package. You will need an android phone or device Walmart Onn $20 and Google account. Google tivimate troypoint for help on install and setup.

Google iptv services troypoint and select a paid service.

If you need something else, ask. Good luck

I’m sure you have downloader installed. Google troypoint toolbox. Save to favorites for future references. Mx player is there.

I’ve been texsting out different ways to record. Some work ok some not very good but I’ll eventually figure out what works for me. I get some pausing during my recordings but not sure how to fix that. I’ve got 2 connections from my iptv so I record on tivimate while watching on a different firestick setup with starters pro. If I watch a program on tivimate while recording a show it causes the show I’m watching to also pause at times also so that’s why I setup 2 connections but I still get pauses in my recordings this way also.

I know I can pause live tv but why can’t I rewind and fast forward live tv with tivimate? I know I can recorded material but not live.

You can’t do that with any type of stream unless you got a recorder. DirecTV records live tv as you’re watching so you can back up and look at it but that’s just because it records as you’re watching it. TV make does not do that it does not record while you’re watching unless you’re actually recording it. And then you take up two connections to to watch and record

Use MX Player from toolbox to watch, stop and rewind recording as tivimate is recording. Don’t go into tivimate. See my previous post about recording and watching at the same time. Good luck.

Do the shows you record on tivimate have areas of pause for a few seconds throughout the show

I also have a 3.0 256gb flash drive attached to my firestick but I can’t get the recordings to record to it

You can time shift with sparkle player.

Another way to get past/around that issue is to have two different services.Record on one while watching the other.And as hotwheels mentioned you can timeshift with sparkle.

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I am down to 4 paid services with a total of 6 connections. I do pretty much the same thing. Even when I do the multi-screen thing, I utilize all my connections.

I have recorded a Bears game while watching the Bears, Colts, Green Bay, Vikings, Lions, and Tennessee at the same time.

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Why would I pay for two services when I can use one service and MX player Pro? Tivimate does not always work well when you’re recording and watching it at the same time even with two services. Often it will stop recording early. With MX player I’m opening the file separately from Tivimate. I don’t even have Tivimate open Then I can stop rewind pause whatever I want to. When I run to the end, I simply open the file again and continue watching. Never using tivimate. I know there is more than one way to accomplish this task, but this is the simplest method that I found. Good luck. Search for my original post on watching and recording at the same time

Your provider doesn’t care what player you use. They only monitor how many connections you are using. Whether that be in Tivimate, MX Pro, VLC, Excoplayer, etc doesn’t matter only the amount of connections you paid to use.

my question is why wouldn’t you pay for two services lol?always good to have a backup.

With the addition of my new service I have 3 now. You’d think I’m a high roller. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :wink:

I can guess what 2 of your services are, but what is the 3rd one? :thinking:

The $2/mth China one.

Oh, yes, I forgot about that one. lol

You had me thinking you latched on to a hidden gem.