Tivimate w/ VOD

How do I get my VOD to play in Tivimate? I am using the premium tivimate with lifetime v.4.0. I entered my playlist as Xtream Codes and then entered my providers server and my log in credentials. All I get is the live channels.

If I use my providers app, I get my VOD.

From Tivimate, I dont see anything but live channels

I do have some 24/7 channels, but they are all just playing multiple episodes of a show in order. I would really like to be able to watch my VOD from tivimate if it is possible

Easy my friend when you are watching TV full screen press the back button the picture goes into the top left of the screen bottom part epg
Press the back button again now you will see favorites 24/7 uk TV etc further to the left you will see search then movies t shows recordings my list setting just scroll down to movies click it it’s all there new releases action 20210927_160448|375x500

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Hope want i have posted helps remember full back back on the left left

Did you use the Xtream code. If so make sure you checked the “include VOD” box.

Another way to access your Movies and TV Shows is while you are on full screen watching something. Just long press the ok button and a menu will pop up on the bottom of your TV screen. Then just scroll to your MOVIES or TV SHOWS and click.

Btw, you can rearrange those menu buttons to your liking by going into settings.

Thanks…It is working great!

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