Tivimate url help

So poeple , I need some help here, Im not that savey with this sort of stuff but, is there an easier way to put your url in tivimate without typing out the whole url manually, got to be a simplier way right?

No not really unless you can copy paste it.

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What device? Firesticks have an app that would copy and paste for you, Shield the same way. There are other apps like that you can copy/paste with. Much easier.

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I use this with my Nvidia to copy and paste urls into Tivimate. I have it on my phone and tablet.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV - Apps on Google Play

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Its a firecube, so basically the same, what app you recommend or are we allowed to say or not? Thank you!

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Here’s a link, but I have never used it, nor do I use any FS stuff. Although, after reading about it. It seems like it would do what you want.

Worse case try it. Don’t like it…uninstall.

Remote Mouse app released for Fire TV & Fire TV Stick | AFTVnews

Here’s another link that looks interesting.

Best FireStick Remote Apps and How to Use them [2023] (firesticktricks.com)


Thank you much! I will check it out!


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