Tivimate update 4.5.0

Hi guys, I’ve just updated my tivimate to 4.5.0

What’s new

  • “Show favorite channels first” setting
  • Separate settings for the skip steps backward/forward
  • Possibility to set EPG time offset in Group options
  • Fixes and improvements
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This is a duplicate post. lol. Already discussed hours ago.

I just noticed on my onn boxes that tivimate shows update on one box but not the other, even my fs 4k shows update…¯_(ツ)_/¯

Both those pics show 4.5.0 which is the update.

Sorry miki, i meant to say "check for new version "

I’m wondering why you have an “auto update app” toggle option on one but not the other…? None of my Tivimates have that option. :thinking:

I know,… that’s what im trying to figure out.

is it possible because its not from the playstore?

On the onn in the bedroom the version was 4.4.0, so i uninstalled and installed 4.5.0 fresh thinking that was it, but it wasn’t.

All my installs are fron downloader code.

Mine updated on the 26th on the ONN & it was in the Playstore queue on the Mecool…but no option in the Tivimate app itself in either.

Odd. Mine always have had the auto update, although now I’m not sure it actually does anything. lol :laughing:. I had to manually check and get it. :man_shrugging:

The onn on the livingroom tv gave a pop up notice, so i used that.

mine is from playstore and they have auto update within the store. Outside dl’s might have the option to update on their own???

Dang…we’re all over the place with the same devices & apps :face_with_spiral_eyes:

All mine are direct downloads using downloader codes.

I know right,…crazy.

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Both onn bxes are set up exactly the same with adaptive storage, and apps downloaded from same place

Already a post on this, thanks for the heads up on the beta.