Tivimate thru Anydesk

I’m often asked by family members to remotely answer questions about Tivimate on Firestick or Android TV. I can access and control Tivimate pretty well with Anydesk BUT I can’t figure out what keyboard combination is the back button. And it’s driving me absolutely crazy. Anybody have an answer?

So you are using a cordless keyboard and not the Firestick remote? If the remote then it’s the return arrow and most remote settings can be found under TiViMates settings>Remote control.
Now I have an auvipal wireless keyboard and for me the back button is my “Esc” key.

No sorry, I didn’t explain myself well. I’m controlling Tivimate remotely using Anydesk. All the normal mouse functions seem to work and most of the keyboard functions (left, right arrow, enter) BUT esc doesn’t do Back like you would expect. I remember one time I think I found somewhere that it was a 2 key combo but I sure can’t find it now.

Ahh got ya. may have to look in Anydesk info manual and see if there’s a section on using wireless keyboards or any keyboard with it and maybe find a key map.

Welcom mb…

Or maybe u could find anothr buttn that works on the keyboard, BUT u dont use…

& go into tivimate & change that keyboard buttn, to back or exit


Thanks Sketch. That’s a great suggestion. Was just about to try it but then I thought I’d first do a clean test on an extra Android TV box I had lying around. Tivimate was already installed. I installed Anydesk and the required plugin and when I accessed it from my Windows PC, lo and behold, the ESC button worked perfectly as a back button. SOOOOOO, it’s got something to do with the setup of family members Anydesk that I’m not going to be able to fix remotely. I suspect they updated Anydesk like I asked but didn’t give permission for the Anydesk plugin.

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